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Grillstream Deluxe 4 Burner Island Hybrid BBQ

Grillstream Deluxe 4 Burner Island Hybrid BBQ

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The ultimate Gourmet BBQ! This revolutionary 4 burner hybrid Grillstream BBQ is packed full of features, ideal for the home cook or professional chef, helping you to create perfect dishes. This BBQ incorporates the hybrid system, giving the convenience of gas with the unique option of charcoal for great tasting food. You choose, cook on charcoal, gas or both. The gourmet BBQ has the integrated Steak Shelf which is an infrared ceramic sear burner ideal for cooking meat or vegetables and also has a glass viewing window allowing you to see the food cooking without opening the lid and loosing heat. Also features a rotisserie,  pull out prep table an ice bucket and chopping board. The gastro modular system allowing you to interchange the removable circular griddle plate with a clay pizza stone, chicken roaster or wok for more cooking options. (Sold separately) To cook on charcoal simply lift the grills, add briquettes and use the gas burners to light up. Once the briquettes are hot (15 mins approx) turn off the burners and you are  ready to get the distinctive BBQ taste. 


The Grillstream has unique double grills - less fat, no flare ups, more flavour. The double grill allows the fat to run down a channel, this prevents fat dripping down onto the burners and causing flare-ups. Minimal fat drips down onto the BBQ so all you need to do is empty the fat cup and brush the grills.


The great feature of the hybrid system is the flexibility to allow you to use all gas, all charcoal or a combination of the two. Why not try a bit of indirect cooking by loading the outer trays with charcoal and leaving the rest unlit? This works perfectly for roasting a larger piece of meat. Or load a single tray with charcoal, ready to sear those steaks at a charring heat, adding flavour, whilst the rest of the BBQ is kept nice and controlled on the gas.


  • 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Hybrid Technology - used as gas or charcoal or both
  • Cooking area - Grill 70cm x 42cm Gastro Griddle Diameter 30.5cm
  • Height 116cm
  • Width 154cm
  • Depth 56.5cm
  • Heat output 17.5kw
  • Gas bottle storage
  • Steak shelf ceramic side burner
  • Chopping board 
  • Ice bucket
  • Gastro system glass viewing window
  • Battery operated rotisserie
  • Pull out prep table
  • Stainless Steel warming rack
  • Glass viewing window
  • Independent jet flame ignition
  • Double skinned hood with built in thermometer
  • Bottle opener
  • Removable fat cup for easy cleaning
  • Storage cabinet
  • Side shelves
  • LED Light up controls
  • Assembly required
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